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Deepak Morris

Just today I had to explain to a student that we don't really "read". What happens is that our brains translate "text" into "words" that we actually hear in our minds. You are not alone in listening to a book, we all do it. In your case, an external problem has blocked your ability to translate text into speech so it's perfectly acceptable to use available technology to hear a book, which is what we all do anyway! Think about it, we can't understand text until we hear it!

Amanda Paulger-Foran

Love this Ann!

Christy Johnson

I love how you overcame your own internal bias! It's interesting how we create identities for ourselves based on what our aptitudes are not realizing both our aptitudes and identities are likely to morph as we move through whatever life brings us. I'm fascinated by how what's happened to you has led to both constrictions and openings. Inspiring!

Josh Beauregard

Wow, I'm happy I've come across this blog. It's nice to be able to read someone else's posts, and feel like someone else understands (and is, unfortunately, going through it). I was in a motorcycle accident last June and suffered a TBI, and have been battling since. I've had moments of my old self (where it's so rare, I feel absolutely brilliant because all thoughts, memories, etc are just there and easy to grab on to), but I mostly struggle daily with what others consider to be simple tasks. Your post above has been an issue for me. I used to love books and reading articles on in-depth, complicated topics, etc, but I just CAN'T seem to do it anymore. I can't hold onto the information or the story anymore, and I actually start to get a little irritated as I'm reading. Reading, including comprehension, is one thing that hasn't really improved for me. Any way, sorry this was a long comment; but just know that your sharing is helping me ;) Be well!

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