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I have more or less tried following the vitamin and supplement regimen recommended at http://neurotalk.psychcentral.com/thread181974-11.html
and I combined it with the NHL fast-track recovery plan I found on reddit (http://www.reddit.com/r/Nootropics/comments/1wqnwi/post_concussion_stack/).
I've been also taking a lion mane's mushroom supplement and been hitting the gym a lot since my fourth month (I'm almost six months after a forehead concussion from a falling metal plank), as some studies suggest that physical exercise t promotes neurogenesis.
I've been looking a little into HBOT, and I think I'll try it if I get close to a clinic that does 1.5 ATM sessions.

Is there an article on what you have personally tried and what you think might have helped you the most?

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